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Half of college graduates do not know what free enterprise is.
Only 2 in 3 Americans can correctly identify what happened at the Constitutional Convention.
One third of Americans cannot name a single right specified in the First Amendment.
8 in 10 Americans don’t know who was the US President during WWI.
Only 1 in 4 Americans can name all three branches of government.

The statistics above are troubling. Our nation is in a crisis – a crisis stemming from a lack of knowledge of the core principles upon which our remarkable country was built.

  • 56% of Millennials prefer socialism, communism, and fascism to a free market economic system and government, even though they cannot define socialism or point to any instance in history where it has produced increased freedom and prosperity.
  • Of the top 76 elite universities in America, 64 no longer require history majors to take a single course in American history.
  • Only 18% of colleges require any course in U.S. history or government for graduation, and only 3% require a course in economics.
  • National assessments in virtually every subject indicate that American students are largely unable to reason and form valid arguments and are falling behind in areas that require higher-order thinking.
  • The future is in the hands of a generation that not only knows little about the principles that made America such a unique nation and that also struggles with thinking, reasoning, analyzing, and problem solving.
  • America will not remain an educated, free, moral, prosperous, and innovative society if the rising generation lacks knowledge of our country’s history and foundational principles.

American Journey Experience seeks to be the solution by creating a space where individuals can experience the complexity and expansiveness of American history in its entirety and immerse themselves in the historical documents, work-related instruments, and objects of historical significance and cultural expression. It is an innovative catalyst that will allow American families, children, and students at all levels to learn by “being there” and having direct contact with rare historical artifacts. Visitors will relive our nation’s history and meet Founders and heroes, throughout the generations, who sacrificed for our nation and our way of life. Visitors will understand their inspiring vision and the courage it took to launch this new nation.

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