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American Journey Experience Campus

American Journey seeks to be the solution by creating a space where individuals can experience the complexity and expansiveness of American history in its entirety and immerse themselves in the historical documents, work-related instruments, and objects of historical significance and cultural expression. Visitors will relive our nation’s history and meet the Founders and heroes, throughout the generations, who sacrificed for our nation and our way of life.

This space will not just be a place for learning, but also an institute for research and interpretation. Through education initiatives, American Journey will promote critical thinking skills as guests explore the tools and documents of the past. They will gain a deeper understanding of the “why” behind history and will learn ways to apply their new knowledge and reasoning skills to problems they face in their communities today and in the future.

  • To educate, enlighten, inspire and engage lifelong learners about the background, birth, history, and evolution of the American Journey.
  • 170,000 square foot center of education for visitors to interpret first source documents, artifacts, and to tell the stories of our democracy and nation.
  • American Journey Experience and Museum is a $160 million campaign and will become an international destination for academic researchers, school children, families, tourists, and residents of DFW.
  • The American Journey timeline is a five-year development and capital campaign.

The campus will not just be a place for visitors to view things behind glass cases. Rather, it will be a place to engage individuals from all walks of life, young and old, to see, touch, hold, and experience history. People will come to American Journey Experience because they are curious. They will stay to dream up ways to be involved. They will be engaged through the stories the center has curated, some of which will be told by highly-trained docents, others through technology and augmented/virtual reality experiences. They will leave drawn to the idea of a strong reenergized America. There will also be a public gathering space for family fun, probing conversations, theatrical experiences, provocative lectures, lively debates, and fact-finding research on all sides of current issues.

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